A sanctuary for artists who explored contemporary art

(The Pipe 21 S/S collection was inspired by 'CABARET’
which are Poets, writers, musicians, and directors
who created and led the culture with a heated debate.)

The Reason we chose ‘CABARET’ is because
At the beginning of the Untact era, which was communicated only face-to-face,
we want to remember the microcosmic universe of that era and show
the warmth of raw things with the language of ‘Pipe’

‘CAVARET’ with No prejudice and the basics of art coesxist
like we were with them

New & interesting structure, unfamiliar sense of color but want to try
We Expressed the firmness of PIPE‘s crudeness & Pattern

Our pipe suggests ‘NEW LOOK’ to new humanity generation,
who will create a ‘CABARET’ culture